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Drawing on 20 years of experience in processing and recycling Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA), meldgaard has created what is probably the most advanced IBA treatment option in the world.
  • Proven technology the result of 20 years Danish R&D
  • Over 25 operational sites for local government and industry
  • 700,000 tonnes IBA treated annually
  • More than 10 million tonnes IBA treated to date
  • One of the highest non-ferrous metal recovery on the market
  • Leading design for triple-eddy current separator processing

Triple-eddy current separator
The triple-eddy current separator at the heart of our mobile processing plant gives us one of the highest non-ferrous metal recovery on the market.

This means you get more from your IBA.

More Metal from your Bottom Ash means higher revenues
IBA producers like Energy-from-Waste operators and local authorities can see a real financial return because recycling IBA with Meldgaard:

  • Returns additional revenue from a share in the value of recovered metals
  • Removes waste disposal costs by selling the IBA aggregates (IBAA)
  • Boosts recycling and sustainability KPIs

Commercial approach
Our work with governments, local authorities and industry has given us considerable experience in the set up and delivery of mutually beneficial IBA recycling agreements. These range from turnkey contracts for your waste, through to joint-venture arrangements.

Mobile IBA processing
Designed for reliability and performance, our mobile processing plant brings the IBA recycling solution to your location, eliminating transport on-costs and letting us process smaller quantities than our competitors. We also design and build bespoke fixed treatment options for longer term specific applications.

Danish Design
Designed in-house by our engineers, our processing plants are manufactured as bespoke machinery, meaning we are always one step ahead of the competition in metal recovery, quality of the IBAA produced, reliability and throughput rates.

We offers the full treatment solution or modular components to improve existing treatment performance.

Contact Meldgaard in the UK
Contact Meldgaard to arrange treatment and disposal of your IBA, or to discuss beneficial joint-venture arrangements.

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